Stop the War conference report

Just read this The Socialist Unity Blog: (belated) Stop the War Conference Report by Andy Newman. Quite interesting, e.g.:
I had two areas of concern. One was that Sami Ramadani’s expressed the opinion that the sectarian violence in Iraq is largely the creation of the occupying forces, and this seemed to be accepted by most delegates in an uncomplicated way, with some seeming to believe that it is all a dirty tricks campaign by the US.

The other area of concern was the debate over Iran... the whole debate went a bit weird because the platform speakers, Dilip Hiro and [Elaheh Rostami] Povey did seem to take the eccentric view that the Iranian government are brilliant, and the women’s movement and democratic movement in Iran are an example to us in the west (I exaggerate hardly at all).
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SnoopyTheGoon said…
Yeah. Some people took the KISS (keep it simple & stupid) principle too close to heart. Sometimes the end result could be plain stupid. Unfortunately.

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