Celebrity Big Brother, West Bank edition

Daniel and others have already reported the Interpal scandal so I won't. Mr Eugenides: Interpal and Hamas brings out the Galloway dimension nicely:

It's not known exactly how much Channel 4 viewers' money ended up going to them; estimates at the time varied from £30,000 to £100,000. As for Galloway's fee itself, rumoured to be around £60,000, that was to be given to Respect to fund a couple of new staff members, or so Gorgeous said. No such donation was recorded by the Electoral Commission in the first quarter of the year; no doubt the cash will show up in the second quarter's figures. After all, Gorgeous wouldn't lose charity cash... would he?

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Absolutely disgusting! Thanks for the link. I hope, no really really hope he gets done this or the the other way. I also read y our link to teh bashing on that Socialist site. Seems mr GG has few friends these days.

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