Mel Gibson's latest movie

Jogo writes:
Arrests are routinely videotaped. That is why, on one of those American TV cop-shows, viewers saw police tape of George Jones being stopped and arrested for drunk driving. Jones is disgusting, ugly, belligerant. And yet this tape wound up on the public air.

I'm not saying it's necessarily a good thing that this happens. In the case of George Jones, I don't agree that the public needs to see the pathetic side of this great artist. It does nothing but demean him in a moment of degradation.

But I do wonder why Mel Gibson's arrest-tape will be supressed. I can think of one good reason that has nothing to with "special treatment." And that is, the tape, if released, will ultimately wind up on the Internet, widely linked to, emailed to millions, available on ... a horrible prospect. Horrible because of what Mel Gibson is saying on it. I do not think it would be good for public order, or public decency, to send this tape out on an irreversible trajectory into the digital universe.

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