The colonel and his third way

I've always been suspicious of the idea of the "Third Way" as articulated by the two Tonys, Giddens and Blair. The concept has a fascist history.

Here Anthony Giddens confirms my instinct, celebrating none other than Muammar al-Gaddafi. (Via Mike's Little Red Page.)


Anonymous said…
Bob, come on. The way that Blair and Giddens use third way is very different to the groups and ideas you point to.

But what Giddens is doing bigging up Gaddafi is another issue, entirely.
bob said…
OK, you're right Andrew, of course. Blair and Giddens are not fascists in any way, and I have railed against those who call Blair a fascist in this blog in the past, I think.

But there is some signifigance, isn't there, in the fascist history of an appeal to a third way between socialism and capitalism? Maybe not, I'll have to think about it.
Anonymous said…
I'm not convinced of any significance. What Blair was clearly doing was distancing himself and the Labour Party from where we'd been for the bleak period of the 1980s and where the Tories were in the early 90s. In any case there wasn't a rejection of capitalism, was there? More an embrace I'd suggest.

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