Leon Klinghoffer. Who?

The Death of Klinghoffer and the Prophet of Peace: A guest post by Jogo (1 of 3)

John Adams' opera "The Death of Klinghoffer" played freely in Europe and America, even though it wounded the sensibilities of many Jews and deeply offended a great many non-Jews. It premiered in Brussels in 1991, a mere six years after Leon Klinghoffer, in his wheelchair, was thrown to his death.

Its first American performance was ... guess where? San Francisco.

Not only that, a film of the opera was made for your Channel 4 in 2003, two years after 9-11.

No one connected with any of these productions has been killed or harmed.

Yet Berlin's Deutsche Opera believed it necessary to cancel a production of an obscure 18th-century play because a bit of imagery in the staging might insult the prophet of the Religion of Peace, and thus would present "an incalculable risk."

So that's what we're up against. What would Edward Said have to say about this disgusting business ... in his lovely apartment on the Upper West Side of Heaven, reading Flaubert while sipping Reserve Merlot and listening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue for Organ in d-minor?

Bob adds: Some extra links: Roger Kimball in OpinionJournal, SFGate, AlphaSources, Garvey's Ghost, Dust My Broom.

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I had me an idea about the opera that was cancelled, see at the end of the post:



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