One for the cabal: Jew/not a Jew

I don't know if you've ever played the celebrity game "Jew/not a Jew", a variant of "dead/not dead", played mainly by Jewish people and anti-semites. It seems from my google referrals that many people find their way to this site by playing this game. Last night, I got a search on |Children's Minister Beverley Hughes jew| (for which this page and this page gave hits no.2 and 3.). In the past, I've had |David Cameron Jewish|, |ann summers jewish|, and plenty more along those lines.

So, as a service to my readers, I am going to start a new series, "Jew/not a Jew". I'm thinking of starting with female chanteuses, after Jogo sent me the Forverts article on Amy Winehouse. Keep your eyes out, khaverim.


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