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1. Just checked in with the latest - bumper - edition of Andrew's Lewisham blog round-up. Lots to munch on. Surfing around from there, James C's post on Blair's apology for slavery caught my eye, as did Andrew's own post on our MP, Joan Ruddock's, opposition to Trident. I was very moved by the tribute to local socialist and humanist Malcolm Rees, too. You might also want to check out the Catford Man's rival Catford blog round-up.

2. Andrew is also organising the next Lewisham bloggers' night out. I'll be there. As well as the folks who were at the last one, I'm hoping to meet the flesh versions of Richard, Neil, [moe], Kate, Henry and Courtney. (I never got around to blogging about the last one, which I enjoyed very much. If you created the typical Lewisham blogger from the people there, he'd be male, white, about 35, have a child or two, drink real ale, and be a councillor or former councillor. Although I'm in most of those things, I'm hoping this time we can be a bit more "diverse" as they say. One area where there was plenty of diversity was politics - Conservative, Labour, Green, UKIP and Save Ladywell Pool were all represented, and getting on well - which says something nice about Lewisham I think.)

3. Lewisham celebrity watch: [moe] offers us Keeley Hazell, apparently a Tory eco-warrior. (Be sure to read Max's comment, offering us someone who looks even better in a swimsuit). Andrew offers us Michael Gambon.


Andrew Brown said…
Thanks for the plug for the meet up Bob, looking forward to it myself.
Anonymous said…
yes - male
yes - white
close - about 35
no - have a child or two
no - drink real ale
no - and be a councillor or former councillor

Kids and real ale I could probably manage but I don't think I have the dedication to be a councillor :)
bob said…
I would prefer to drink real ale than be a councillor, but there's not many other things I'd like to do less than drink real ale.

I like to think of myself as off-white, but most other people aren't convinced.
kate said…
oh my god are you mad man? you dont realy want to meet me. ha ha. i should be there and im getting bit nervous about going. i have to be on my best behaviour and im actually meeting real people ...wow.

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