Lewisham bloggers in the flesh

So, the second bi-annual Lewisham bloggers meet-up at the Jolly Farmers came to pass on Friday. I was somewhat worse for wear on Saturday, but had a great time.

In no particular order, there was Andrew of Someday I'll... (who organised us into being there), Richard of Baggage Reclaim, Max (whose toilet widget I intend to add to my blog), Rob of Walking the Streets of Forest Hill, Andrew O of the Ragged School blog, Wulf of the eponymous Den, Tom of Let's Be Sensible, Michael of The Forest Hill Society, Lewisham Kate (who is trying to organise us better), James Cleverly, and Adam Tinworth (the granddaddy of Lewisham blogging), plus two bloggers I was completely new to: Obsessive Katy and Publican's Decoy, who brought down our average age a little.

Richard and Andrew both do the demographics in their posts: less politicians, more Christians, double the females, but still ale-drinking white blokes in their thirties predominate.

Hope to see you all in less than six months!


kate said…
Hi Bob, was nice to meet you. And thanks for the plug hope others join in.
max said…
Hi Bob,

I'm glad to good to hear about the widget.
You can have the transparent gif but I fear that the template of blogger struggles with gifs, so I produced a white background jpeg.

Anonymous said…
The Man From Catford will try to make the next one and apologises for his absenteeism. It sounds fun.
Сергей said…

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