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Despite the fact that I've been a bit slack in my blogging lately, I seem to have had a small surge (or is spike the right word?) in comments and links. Here's from who, in no particular order.

Renegade Eye I've been reading for a while now, so it am glad to get a visit from its author, a secular socialist with great musical taste. Some recent stuff: The civil war in Lebanon, Argentina's dissappearances continue. Also blogs occassionally at Further Left Forum.

I keep intending to start posting more about music. So it was nice to be linked to by Los Amigos de Durutti (great music, great name). Here's a couple of recent gems: Cuíca madness, Ape is High (Mandrill and samples thereof).

I still haven't added the People's Republic of Newport to my blogroll, but I will. Here's a top post, on one-sidedness and Israel-Palestine. Two criticisms of this blog: too many posts to keep up with, and an anti-American streak.

I had a visit from J.B of newish blog Red Left Review, one to watch. Sample posts: on Respect and hyper-activism, on fascism and fighting it.

A visit from James Higham, of Nourishing Obscurity, also blogging at BlogPower. Interesting political perpective. Sample sentence: "Once, at a stag night, the stripper took me aside and said: ‘You’re not taking this seriously. It makes me nervous.’


Another visitor was Phil from A Very Public Sociologist. He's left the left, fair enough, but to follow Cameron!? (This is where I'd add in an irony-indicating emoticon, maybe involving a semi-colon and a bracket, but I'm just too old.) Fascinating long post on Stalinism and the unions.

Howard at ZombieCoterie and BrockleyCentral I've already namechecked at my Brockley post earlier. Another local blogger who recently added me to the blogroll (and I will reciprocate soon) is James Cleverly, Conservative. As an ex-military chap, he has been blogging heavily on the Iran hostage debacle.

I also got a nice hat-tip from Jim at Shiraz Socialist. Followed by a ringing endorsement from Will of General Theory of Rubbish, probably my blogging hero.

Technorati tells me I got a link from Paul Canning, who has an extremely interesting site, mainly about Web 2.0, but I can't find the actual link.

Google referral of the week
My favourite google search today: "Appolinaire breast of", linking here. (More here.) More great google referrals (hyperlinks to page google throws up): Rushdie Kylie (#2), Tommy Sheridan is a wanker (only #5, after gems like this and this,), Why has Respect got to be earned? (#2), and Cons of Mitsubishi pajero 2006 limited edition (#4, I hope I persuaded them not to buy a Pajero...)


J.B said…
thanks for the name-check. Much appreciated as I always enjoy perusing your blog.
DJ durutti said…
thanks for the shout!

p.s. as i was adding you to my blogroll yesterday, i found myself dialing up The Clash's "Crooked Beat" on the ol' iTunes (a reference you may get!)

DR said…
Thanks for the heads up. Apologies for my anti-American streak....but c'mon they deserve it!

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