Dunkin’ bagel—splash! In the coffee. Matzo ball, matzo ball-o-roonie! Gefilte fish, gefilte fish-a-fruitie!

For Alex...

Slim Gaillard: Dunkin' Bagel (1946) via History is Made at Night

Live at Billy Berg's, Hollywood

"Dunkin' Bagel
Dunkin' Bagel
Dunkin' Bagel
SPLASH in the coffee
Dunkin' Bagel
Dunkin' Bagel
Dunkin' Bagel
SPLASH in the coffee"
Bam Brown: "Matsoh Balls" Slim: "Matsoboutsiereenie"
Bam: "Gefilte fish" Slim: "Gefilte fish avoutie"
Bam: "Pickled Herrings" Slim: "Pickled Herrivoonie"
Bam: "Macarootie"  Slim: "Macaroonie"
piano solo (perhaps by Slim, but probably by [Dodo] Marmarosa)
guitar solo (very much in the vein of Charlie Christian)
Slim singing: "Dunkin' Bagel" etc
and then as a coda the spoken words:
Bam: "How about a bowl of gefilte fish?"
Slim: "Cold? Hot?"

Paul Shapiro's cover of this, (More info. Review.)

Slim Gaillard: Matzo Balls (on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio)

from 'Matzoh Balls' 78rpm, 1939 / Columbia

Tom Waits: The most famous Yiddish curses (on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio)


I like the Yiddish curses clip and already put it to good use...
bob said…
Glad you liked it. Am intrigued by your use.

I love the totally deadpan delivery. And the way Dylan finishes, equally deadpan. "That was something else."

Just found a transcription:

May God call the tune, and may your enemies play the music.
May you lose your faith and marry a pious woman.
May all your teeth fall out except one which will remain for a toothache.
May you grow like an onion with your head in the ground and your feet in the air.
May you have a good long sleep and may your dreams only be of your troubles.
May you be the proof that man can endure anything.
May your wife eat Matzos in bed, and may you roll in the crumbs.

I also allowed Google to translate the German translation back into English:

May God direct, but your enemies will play.
Do you lose your liking and marry a pious woman.
May you all your teeth fall out of the mouth, except one who hurts you.
May you grow like an onion, the head in the ground and feet in the air.
Long may you sleep and all your dreams be worried.
May you have the proof that man can endure anything.
May your wife in bed eating matzoh and may you be in the crumbs.
bob said…
A couple in the original Yiddish:

Teeth: Ale tseyn zoln bay im aroysfaln, not eyner zol im blaybn oyf tsonveytung.

Onion: זאלסט וואקסן ווי א ציבעלע -- מיטן קאפ אין דר'ערד

And here's another one I expect Noga will like:

"You should speak so beautifully that only the cats understand you!"
זאלסט אזוי שיין רעדן, אז נאר די קעץ זאלן דיר פארשטיין
Used it in a cat fight, here:

Veg said…
Hey Bob - apologies for this, but I now have an official man-crush on you. Not only are you politically cool, a good writer, and live in Brockley, but you like Slim (and presumably Slam).
Why didn't we know each other when my missus and I lived in New Cross/Brockley? Or did we know each other?

Awesome stuff anyway. Keep it up.

bob said…
Thanks Martin. I'm genuinely touched.

And I do know who you are. We were on nodding acquaintence in your NX years. If you can work out our one on-line mutual friend, she has my permission to tell you my real identity.
Thanks for the comment, Bob. I posted your extended version on that thread. It looks like a useful kind of book, too. I'll have to order it.
Awesome song, the original version is by far the best, the lyrics are great, excellent song form an excellent artist.

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