Lots of things I have been looking at over the past month but didn't have time to link to earlier

The Orwell prize: Having a vastly inflated sense of my personal worth, I cannot help myself from nominating myself for the Orwell Prize for blogging. Even though I can think of several people more deserving, like Rosie, Phil, David, the Beached Brigadista, Martin, Sarah D, Will, Paul. Here is the longlist of my top posts in 2010, with those I submitted emboldened.

Also in 2010: Here are round ups of the year at Contested Terrain, Antigerman Translation and Poumista.The comment thread at the CT post is mainly about the Three-Way Fight position developed by Mike S among others, and is illuminating if you are interested in that.

Continuing our conversations: Peter picks his 2010 books and Martin picks his; Stuart gives us his book list here. Norm responds to Schalom Libertad. Roland on some of the issues that came up in the comments here (with an interesting comment thread). BenSix takes up the influential ideas baton and the 2010 books baton from Carl.Weggis takes up the influential ideas baton from Flesh, reflecting, from a nicely askew angle, on what "the left" is (and follows up with the most influential left-winger of 2010).

Carl's Normblog profile. What good taste in blogs he has.

My current favourite blog: Mystical Politics.

Miscellany:  Carl Packman: On Zizek and Multiculturalism. // Terry Glavin: Amnesty International And Its 'Cage Prisoners' Poster Boy Get What They Wanted. // Forced Migration photo gallery: Sahwari refugees in Camp 27 February in Algeria. // Christopher Hitchens: Mr. Kissinger, Have You No Shame? // Peter R: In praise of multiculturalism. // Matt Ignoblus: Allies, what allies? // Karl Pfeifer: Censorship in Hungary. // Libby T: The imperial vanity of humanity. // Mick Hartley: African migrants to Israel. // Transpontine: South London Dissenters in Bunhill. // Caroline D: Indian nationalists in Deptford. // Jim Jepps: The murder of Saleem Taseer. // Charlie Pottins: Farewell to Jayaben Desai, heroine of Grunwick. // Sarah Correia: Christmas in Sarajevo. // Graeme: Two definitions of Islamophobia. // Snoopy: Against the hate-mongering schmucks. // Orhan Pamuk: The fading dream of Europe. // BHL: The antisemitism to come (via Engage). // Francis Sedgemore: Enlightened authoritarianism and the stench of liberal racism. // Marko Attilla Hoare: First Check Their Sources: 1. On David N. Gibbs and ‘shoddy scholarship’; 2.The myth that ‘most of Bosnia was owned by the Serbs before the war’. // Ziad J. Asali and Hussein Ibish: Honesty and Hypocrisy in Facing Terrorism. // Chris Dillow: Sex crimes, trivial truths, Pakistani youth, Jack Straw, statistics and bias. / More evidence on migration and wages. // Jackson Diehl: Obama's dangerous silence on human rights. // Oshrat Nagar Levit: (Bedouin) boy meets (Jewish) girl. // Airforce Amazons: Frontline Tunisia. // Modernity: Denial in the West. // David Rosenberg: The Battle of Cable Street. // Kevin Yuill: The myth of American gun culture. // BJFC: Lewisham's old cinemas if they still existed today. // Daniele Archibugi: The cosmopolitanism of the left – An answer to globalisation. // Finally... Roland is obviously on the same wavelength as me, because there is a lot of overlap between that list and his fine recent round-up of highly readable bloggery, and the same goes for Modernity's slow round-up.

Jogo recommends: How Mirka got her sword: Yet another 11-year-old Orthodox girl comic. // Rabbi Nachman, Franz Kafka and Rodger Kamenetz. // Obama Dissappointment Syndrome merchandise. // Ron Radosh on the decline of the New York intellectuals. // Yasmin Alibhai Brown on Jack Straw. // Frank Furedi on Tariq Ramadan. // Zeitgeist and the Tucson shootings: more dangerous than Michael Savage. // The Koran burner is even creepier than you think.

Bob's beats:The Volga Vouty (Russian Dance)” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra [1960] // Jewish soul. // "Milka's Dream": Hasidism and indie-ism team up in Ori Alboher's music. // An interview with Orphaned Land, Israel's leading extreme metal band. // Black Sabbath: the secret history of black-Jewish musical relations. // Albino Red.


Anonymous said…
I thought you'd like my taste in blogs hehe.

Great posts by the way, I wish you the best
Hey Bob,
Started drafting a response to Geras' response but realised, he didn't really have anything to say. That's too bad.
Anonymous said…
wow, a lot of good links here. so here's one more. it's link to an article by brian holmes entitled "total corruption: report from the usa" from the journal e-flux. he begins by reminding us that a reactionary is "someone who answers the questions of the future with the mistakes of the past," and from there goes on to address some of the same concerns you raised with your "good/bad influences on the left" post.


jams o donnell said…
Thanks for adding a couple of Poor Mouth posts to to what is an excellent collection of posts Bob. This must be the first time the Underpants Gnomes have been appeared in such august company!

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