The Atzmon dossier, continued

Note: this post is not aimed at Wikipedia editors and is not an incitement to edit the article, but merely a repository for deleted material, for the public record.

This post is only to preserve for the record some material deleted from the Gilad Atzmon wikipedia article.

In 2007 the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism criticized the Swedish Social Democratic Party for inviting Atzmon to speak, saying he had worked to "legitimize the hatred of Jews.” The party defended its choice of speaker.[62] In a 2009 opinion piece for The GuardianNick Cohen critizised Atzmon's declaring that "Jewish ideology is driving our planet into a catastrophe" and "the Jewish tribal mindset – left, centre and right – sets Jews aside of humanity".[63][64] In his blog for The TimesOliver Kamm charges Atzmon with antisemitism for his article "Truth, History and Integrity"[65] in which Atzmon writes "As it happened, it took me many years to understand that the Holocaust, the core belief of the contemporary Jewish faith, was not at all an historical narrative for historical narratives do not need the protection of the law and politicians."[66]
And this is the sentence I inserted afterwards, which may also get deleted eventually.
Others who have criticised Atzmon for his antisemitism include British columnists Oliver Kamm,[61] and Nick Cohen,[62] the founders of the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign,[63] and Trotskyist and Communist periodicals such as the British Weekly Worker[64] and Workers Liberty,[65] and the American Socialist Worker.[66]
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Anonymous said…
You're a more tolerant, patient man then I am for continuing to try to insert fact into Wikipedia in opposition to the fawning followers of Atzmon and Counterpunch. Even though it might be for naught, I salute your effort, as minor as such an action is.
Rob Marchant said…
Wow, when the PSC says you're an anti-Semite, you really *must* be bad. Usually anti-Semites are welcomed there.
qunfuz said…
I completely disagree with Rob Marchant's support for the hounding of Shaikh Salah, who is an important leader of the oppressed Palestinian-Israeli community. Even Israel allows him to travel and speak, but Britain in hock to Zionism does not. Shaikh Salah and his community are suffering at the hands of something that calls itself a Jewish state. I might not agree with everything the man says, but I am sure he is much less of a fascist than such Zionist war criminals as Peres, Shamir, Barak etc, who have been welcomed in Britain.

When it comes to Atzmon, the man really is an anti-semite. I've seen the man ranting in the flesh, and it's very obvious that his 'politics' is all about himself, his self-image, perhaps his conflicted childhood - i don't know. He certainly isn't a useful friend of the Palestinians.

To Rob Marchant - the theatrical 'two-state solution' is not 'Palestinian self-determination.' It's a bantustan system. Zionism is unacceptable and will not stand, no more than an Islamic state set up by oppressed Muslims on the ruins of British society would stand.
Anonymous said…
Not the PSC; but its founders; in this qrticle: Greenstein hqs fqllen out zith the rest of them I think
Waterloo Sunset said…
Probably too specialised for Wiki, but more for the dossier.

Shift Magazine probably have the best article on the whole Indymedia clusterfuck.

David T of Harry's Place goes out for a friendly drink with Atzmon. He decides he is an "utterly charming and delightful drinking companion", suggests that Atzmon is a "cultural essentialist" as opposed to a racist and describes Atzmon's antisemitism as a "somewhat eccentric way of viewing the world".
Morbid Symptoms said…
And now Zero Books are publishing a book by him!
goodwin sands said…
That's how you get to be called Zero Books, I guess -- it's a prediction of Atzmon's sales.

Atzmon's been on a Holocaust denial kick lately; I wonder if he lets fly in his bookywook.

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