Off for a while

I'm going away for a couple of weeks, so no blogging. Meanwhile, here's some miscellany. In no order whatsoever: Qunfuz, an interesting blog; Slee on fighting fascists; Carl on Ethiopian Jewish students in Israel, on Sidney Webb and the Jews, and on chavs; a photo of the Battle of Lewisham by Syd Shelton; Mira asks if elites have failed; Weggis on the Green Party's coming of ageBonna Devora Haberman's letter to Alice Walker; Flesh on the retreat of secular Britain; Sarah walking back to Srebernica; Matt replies to Pheobe on defining racism; Reuben at the bus stopI Love You Christopher Hitchens, You Irritating Bastard; Amir Mir on white jihadis; George Monbiot on genocide belittlers; Walter Russell Mead on the hate that dares not speak its name; AWL on BDS and on HistadrutAlan Johnson on Entebbe and the new left, and Ron Radosh on Alan Johnson; California's honkytonk history; Just Opinions on cults and politics; Terry Teachout on Tony KushnerRosie on the slimy fantastists who fight a "machine" that sounds all too familiarJim signs off - and on again? Apologies if I've already linked to any of these - I've been distracted lately.


Flesh said…
Enjoy your holidays Bob.
Spider-Rico said…
Looks like a bunch of commie crap.
sewa elf said…
Nice article, thanks for the information.

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