All this and more

First, to reciprocate the hat tip from Andrew at B4L, who commented on the huge volume of posts I generated yesterday. That was a few festive weeks of pent-up blogging energy coming out...

Following, directly or indirectly, some of his other recommendations, these particularly caught my eye:

Jonathan Derbyshire on Peter Beinart on Joseph Lieberman identifying the dilemma of the liberal hawk. As Derbyshire says, "liberal hawk" is a bit of an unsatisfactory phrase (like "muscular liberal") for our corner of the political world (I hate liberalism and was brought up in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), but the dilemma as summed up here is spot on.

Westminster Village predicting the defection of Labour MPs to the Cameron-ized Tory party - e.g. "Diane Abbott, Hackney South - big mates with a lot of Tories, nominally in the Campaign group but her views are middle of the road Conservative and she now sends her child to private School. Happily goes on TV to oppose Blair policies and agree with Michael Portillo on a regular basis."

BrightonRegencyLabour on David Cameron's empty left-wing posturing.

Also some great things from Stumbling and Mumbling, which I'm going to post about seperately, and on Anthony Browne's critique of multiculturalism in The Retreat of Reason, which I might post about seperately.


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