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Judith Maas in the Boston Globe reviews Tony Michels’ A Fire in Their Hearts, on New York’s Yiddish socialists via Norm. Here’s an excerpt from the book, and more from Michels: "Socialism and the Writing of American Jewish History: World of Our Fathers Revisited" (restricted access). [Blog link: Brooklyn Jews.]


[This is from the press release]

Dave Chapple, a Bridgwater postman and strike leader, well known in the town's socialist and trade union circles, has published his first book.

The book, entitled "Henry Suss and the Jewish Working-Class of Manchester and Salford", is Dave's 90th birthday tribute to a remarkable Mancunian, now living at a home for the blind at Burnham on Sea.

Henry Suss, born the son of a Galician Jewish pedlar in 1915, was a life-long clothing worker in Manchester, who became an active socialist against Mosley's Blackshirts in the Cheetham Hill district during the 1930's, when no less than 34 relatives in Europe were being rounded into
concentration camps. Henry in his teens joined the local socialist Theatre of Action, and campaigned for "Aid to Spain" during that country's tragic civil war. Five years in the Army in World War 2 were followed by Henry re-joining the clothing trade, and eventually becoming a militant and well-respected trades unionist for the Tailor and Garment Workers right up
to the 1980's.

Henry joined the Cheetham Hill Branch of the Communist Party in 1936, and remained a member for 50 years. In Pendlebury, near Salford, Henrycampaigned on the issue of rents and slum housing so effectively that in 1964, at the height of the Cold War, he was elected a Communist Party Councillor, and re-elected in 1967.

Paul Robeson, Ewen Macoll, Harry Pollitt, Tommy Jackson, Mick Mcgahey, Abe Moffatt,the Rev Ettienne Watts, Dame Anne Loughlin, Frank Allaun are just a few of the radical personalities Henry encountered during his long active service for his fellow workers.

Henry is still politically active in spite of advanced years and failing sight, in the Sedgemoor Peace Group, which campaigns against the war in Iraq, the International Brigade Association, the Working Class Movement Library in Salford, and, a few years ago, led a fight to save his local Post Office at Burnham.

Because Dave's book on Henry is written in dialogue form, the text is also the record of a friendship between two different generations of socialist activists. Dave Chapple is as well-known in the South West and Henry is in Lancashire, and the book should arouse considerable interest in those localities, and further afield.

The book is a large-format A4 softback, 216 pages, with over 100 historic photographs, maps and illustrations. It can be obtained at the socialist price of £10 waged and £5 unwaged/part-time, plus £2 postage and packing, only from: E-mail:

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Anonymous said…
Hey: someone should consider a similar study of Jewish radicals in the UK.
In the spirit of hands across the waters, let me share a draft of a bibliography I prepared for JEWS, LABOUR AND THE LEFT 1918-1948, edited by Stephen Bird and Christine Collette [Ashgae-2000]. I apologize for the question marks; the chapter in the bok has the correct citations but I don't have it or them handy.

>> Arieh Lebowitz / New York

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Anonymous said…
The quotes said that his relatives were being rounded up in the 1930s. I assume that really was the 1940s.

Also, I'm curious as to why people like Henry were so community oriented but anti-democratic. And why they couldn't see that this would lead to abuses.

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