Celebrity Big Brother

I couldn't believe it. Jodie Marsh, Traci Bingham... and George Galloway!

All the other celebrities introduced themselves to each other as if they were real people. "Hi, I'm Preston", etc. But George? "I'm George Galloway, a Member of Parliament."

What a way to serve the people of Bethnal Green and Bow - three weeks hanging out with large-breasted supermodels and transvestite ex-pop stars. Not that he spends much time working for his constituency anyway. This is the man that has turned up to 15% of the votes since he's been in Parliament. Who already 'earns' well over £100K a year for his media tartery.

My prediction: he'll end up with Faria: he likes dark-skinned ladies, she likes boring older power megalomaniacs.

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Hana Loftus said…
Disgusting, isn't it. If you feel sufficiently moved, please sign up to my pledge here to help get the horrible man hauled up for his sins...
Akaky said…
15% of the time? It makes you wonder why he bothers showing up at all, doesnt it?
SnoopyTheGoon said…
What I can't figure out is why all the Brits are so obsessed by this clown?

I mean, he is even not a junior member of the royal family or something.

Just a jerk...
bob said…
It proves we do have some concerns here in Britain apart from the dysfunctional family who rule over us. Some Brits are obsessed with Galloway as he seems genuinely different from all other politicians, so see him as a hero. Others of us are obsessed with him because we know he is a corrupt megalomaniac, so we hate him being seen as a hero!

It does indeed make you wonder!


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