Two things I read this month

As any regular readers I have will have noted, I have been just too busy to blog this month. Daniel says: "Bob from Brockley has not been issuing any new articles on his blog since Big Brother UK started. Is Bob perhaps Big Brother?"

In fact, I've been too busy even to really surf the web or click any links anyone's e-mailed me. I have, however, been watching Celebrity Big Brother and may some day get around to posting the stuff I've written about that. (In my view, history will reveal that Jodie Marsh was the real winner after all.)

And I've read a few real print newspapers. Here are two articles I particularly liked.

Excellent article by Johann Hari in the Times on David Cameron’s empty green rhetoric and on the mystical quackery of the organic movement. Concluding words: “So far, Cameron has offered environmentalists nothing but a playboy airhead, some worthless New Age farming, and a road-building programme – while the world slowly, fatally warms.” More...

And a great article by Andrew Sullivan in the Sunday Times on Rumsfeld and the war in Iraq. The article helped me clarify my position on the war: a good war, fought for the wrong reasons, probably at the wrong time, which started off being fought in the right way, but has ended up being fought in the wrong way. I can't remember why I took Sullivan out of my link list - maybe I just thought he had enough traffic on his site! Time to put him back in.

While I'm logged on, a welcome to the Axis of Bob for LGFWatch (but is this really a Jewish blog?) and AntzOnline (it's good to share a billing with Drub's Horny Homo Punk Trash Art). I was also touched by this compliment from my nearish-neighbour Slightly Lost. And as this post unexpectedly seems to have a kind of gay theme, here's another post to read at Slightly Lost: US, Iran, Zimbabwe, China, Cameroon and Egypt: The Axis of Evil [ref].


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