Cosmetic improvements

I just re-hauled all of the linkage stuff over on the right. Not sure if it works any better. I've finally added the blogs I've been meaning to. I've also created lots of different sections. Some of them seem badly incomplete (e.g. Good Causes) and will need work over time. Hope it improves your surfing life in some small way.


congrats to your botox! It is necessary from time to time. The break up of the links is very good and useful. Hm I guess i may have to see the same plastic surgeon sometimes in the future for my filing! Keep smiling and watching Big Brother co Bo Toxies!
So the consultant (a wired scary lookinf fella with sucpect German accent)simply injected the site with some of its stemm cells and look there a good regrowth occurred. In teryurn for the encouraging idea of breaking up thebulk of links I checked yournew ones and it is all working as far as I have tried them.... Well done Bobby! Bo Tox Cheese and stem thumbs up for both of us!
Unknown said…
Just to say thanks for putting me in your links. I do like your stuff very much.


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