Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Hypocrisy of Simon Hughes?

Following the theme and links from my previous post, I learnt via Zefog that Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes has finally come out - in The Sun of all places. (See also Hughes' BBC interview.)

Hmmm. Not the Simon Hughes who allowed and benefited from a devious homophobic election campaign in Bermondsey against Peter Tatchell?

I agree with Guido: "Hughes is an ambitious, lying politician who has lied to everyone for twenty-two years, why should anyone trust him now?"

My choice of Lib Dem leader: Mr Hâf.

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Added link: Jonathan Freedland on Simon Hughes


WinkyWoo said...

Thank you so much for your vote, clearly I'm over-qualified though. ;-)

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Welcome back Bob. Yes we would like to read a summary of YOUR Big Brother experience. I noticed you did not deny my suspicion, just that you were "busy." Hmm are you George Galloway running under the Bob name? I mean how come they relase him and within a day or two you write again...

Anyway you are right on the Simon Hughes piece. I wonder if he would congratulate Hamas now (Hughes) is a tiredless suporter of the Palestinian cause (including a Boycott of all Israeli goods).