Thursday, January 05, 2006

On Iraq

Occasional reader of this website Tony Greenstein has an article in What Next on the pro-war left, The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty: Britain’s Revolutionary Imperialists. The article is mainly a quaint exercise in Trot sect trainspotting, but also smears Democratiya editor Alan Johnson has having supported American atrocities in Iraq. Johnson is given right to reply on the letters page, which he uses admirably (scroll to “War Crimes in Falluja”). Here’s Johnson a year ago, attacking American war crimes. I might read Greestein’s article properly and post about it again…

LastSuperpower have a pamphlet (slightly incoherent, I think, but on the right lines) called “Kafa! Zero tolerance for racist thugs!”, calling for support for the new Iraq.


Hitchens is keeping on keeping on: “Are Elections Democratic? Dictatorships are hardly preferable”.

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