Tuesday, November 27, 2007

George Orwell: state tout or anti-Stalinist hero?

I have added a long comment about George Orwell's fingering of Stalinist fellow travellers to the British state just before he died, to this post, in response to a comment by Southpawpunch accusing me of Stalinist tactics and bad spelling. You might or might not want to read it.

As a Histomatist post inspired the original post, you might care to visit these two other posts there: Deutscher on the importance of class struggle (as we've been talking about Isaac Deutscher here too [talking of bad spelling...]) and a notice about the forthcoming Black Jacobins Conference, as I put CLR James and Orwell in very similar places in my mental filing cabinet. (The Deutcher thing leads on to this piece by Mike Davis, who also cropped up in this post.)

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