Friday, November 02, 2007

Heard the one about the President and the supermodel?

Read Heard the one about the President and the supermodel? (The Poor Mouth), on Naomi Campbell meeting Hugo Chavez. I love the phrase "a revolutionary and exquisite white dress" (what Naomi was wearing).

Plus, SHOCKING NEWS: This will suprise regular readers, but I find little to disagree with (to use Scoop Shachtman's phrase, on a similar experience with Robert Fisk) in Mike Gonzalez's article on Hugo Chavez in the current Socialist Review. It's actually pretty spot-on, apart from the rather icky last paragraph.

MORE HERE: But, I am a Liberal!: Hitchens, Ron Paul, Sean Penn, and Hugo Chavez: All in One Post!

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Daniel said...

The Poor Mouths way of writing about this event is lacking understanding and quite frankly it is cheap language that incinerates that Naomi talks about her vaginal hair when she talks about Bush. Left two comments on his blog.