Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Jewish music

1. I think there's been some Jewish cowboys on this blog before, and Yiddisher cut&paste/hip hop artist SoCalled. Well, here's both together: SoCalled's "You're Never Alone (Jewish Cowboy)" on mp3 at I Guess I'm Floating. You can also find Harold Stern, Jewish cowboy, here at Our Lady, and Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass at this bizarre podcast at Digital Debris (found via Music for Maniacs).

2. Literate gig reviews: Gogol Boulevard (Blog Critics) and Golem (Mr Mammoth).

3. If you live near Hoboken, celebrate Hanukah with Yo La Tengo. (I'll be celebrating it at the Booze for Jews event at the Honor Oak - look out for my post on this next week if you live in South London!)

UPDATE: Noga takes us from Jewish rednecks to the Sages to Hannah Arendt, in a perfect blog post.

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