Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lineages of the American anti-Stalinist left

1. The new issue of the American magazine New Leader is out in pdf. Articles on Ahmenijad, Walt & Mearsheimer, Irène Némirovsky, and more. The New Leader (see also here) has its roots in the Socialist Party of America, the anti-Stalinist democratic socialist organisation of which Irving Howe was a member, which (in Trotskyism's "French turn") was entered by Max Shachtman, CLR James and other Trotskyists. It is now thoroughly in the "decent left"/centrist/social democratic section of the spectrum.

2. I know this is old in blog terms, but I've got a backlog to clear, and it follows on from the more current preceding material: Matt Zeitlin has a very interesting post, that takes as its starting point this interesting review of Irving Howe's biography of Leon Trotsky, on why Trotsky was so influential on the American left, and why it matters.

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