Blog carnivals


Carnival of History

Middle East: The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: "The Kingdom of Heaven (and of Plunder, Pillage, Bloodshed, and Mayhem): Ridley Scott's Version of the Crusades, or the Limitations of Western Liberalism. "

Mode for Caleb: John Brown and nonviolence

WWII: Chronicles of a Medical Mad House: We Remember, Catallarchy: May Day 2005 - A Day Of Remembrance, History News Network: George W, historian?

Carnival of the Un-Capitalists

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism: On "People Power," Real and Imagined - this long post deals with issues relating to earlier brockley.blogspot posts like Ecuador double standards and Uzbekistan double standards)

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Carnival of the Revolutions

Brazil: Gateway Pundit: Lula's reforms too slow for the agrarian poor

Middle East: Austin Bay Blog: Democratic break-out in the Middle East, Liberals Against Terrorism: Damascus Spring, Spirit of America: What Labanon has to do with us

South Asia: Gateway Pundit: Pakistani Mixed-Sex Race Protest

Central Asia: Publius Pundit: Andijon was 2005's Tiananmen, Registan: Uzbek Questions

Carnival of the Liberated

A Family in Baghdad: Turning against the insurgency

Palestine: new anti-intifada blog

Also: Carnival of Philosophy
Meta-carnival: Watcher of Weasels