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Two upcoming events in London:

Protect Darfur Rally


"We need your support for the Protect Darfur Rally - taking place outside 10 Downing Street, 12.30pm, Sunday 15 May.

At the very start of its third term, it's vital to put Government on notice that aid is not enough. And we can't leave Darfur's survivors to protest alone. The Government needs to know that when genocide happens, we all care about it - and we'll hold it to
its promises to protect.

This is a matter of life and death. 400,000 deaths since 2003. With 500 more lives
lost every day. That means one African in Darfur is murdered every three minutes - just because they're African."


"MEDECINS DU MONDE UK is taking part in the first free CARNIVAL DE CUBA, organised by Cubana Bar & Restaurant as part of the Coin Street Festival 2005.
Dates: Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 June Time: 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm on both days
Venue: Outside, by the Oxo Tower on the South Bank, Upper Ground, London SE1
Since January 1992 Médecins du Monde has run healthcare projects on Cuba to fight against HIV and to prevent this epidemic from spreading, especially among young people aged between 15-25.
With LIVE CUBAN MUSIC and SALSA from TOP CUBAN ARTISTS (including Candido Fabré, Osvaldo Chalcon, Janet + Rafael and more!) as well as freshly prepared Cuban & Latin American food and drinks on sale all weekend, a percentage of the proceeds from this CARNIVAL DE CUBA will go towards the work that its partner charity organisations - including Médecins du Monde - are doing to provide aid to the Cuban people.

And there's more! On Saturday night, come to HAVANA NIGHTS featuring Cuba's finest PAULITO FG and others!
Date: Saturday 4 June Time: 7.00 pm until late
Venue: The Room by the River on the South Bank 200 metres from the Carnival, Lndon SE1 Tickets: £15
Tickets are available from Médecins du Monde UK by phoning 020 7516 9103 or by

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