Crossing Borders

Arieh sent me this, adding "As you may know, Givat Haviva is a really worthwhile, often too-little known institution in Israel, with a great track record, going back to I believe 1949 (!), of innovative activities to develop and strengthen meaningful relations between Jewish and Arab Israelis, and between Israelis, Palestinians and others in the region."

From April 2 - 6, The UK Friends of Givat Haviva with the Parish of Putney and Meteorite marketing agency will be bringing a group of 16 writers from Israel, Palestine and Jordan to London. While here they will write for an upcoming issue of the magazine, meet with contemporaries in the local community, as well as politicians and journalists and hopefully have some time left to see the sights of London.

This is a group of 18 - 20 year olds who write for the bi-monthly magazine Crossing Borders. Through their writing these young people are able to learn more about each other, create shared experiences and find ways to work towards peace and reconciliation within their communities. Due to the geo-political situation and security concerns it is impossible for them to meet in the region. For this reason we are bringing them to London so that they can meet face-to-face and spend shared time together learning and listening.

There will be a number of fund raising events over the next couple of months to help raise money for this visit. As of Wednesday, February 8th, these events can be checked on our dedicated website. One of the main events will be an online auction which will "Go Live" as of the 8th on this website and will end on February 23rd at a launch evening at the Parish of Putney, when the bids will be closed. There are some unique items up for auction of all shapes and sizes - please take a look!

Please, please help us with this very important visit by supporting our fund-raising and sharing this email with as many friends as possible.

Thank you.


Fiona Sharpe