Whining Leftist/Grieving Mother

A guest post from Jogo

Meryl Streep says:

"I'm so demoralised. I want a candidate to come out of nowhere and have no conflicts. I want major campaign reform. I want Jesus to come back and throw the money lenders out."

Leftism in a nutshell. Meryl nailed it with precision. What a sorryass existential cry. A childlike cry, don't you think? Leftism is religion. Why don't leftists admit it, and stop thinking they're better than the Christians?


One of Bush's biggest mistakes -- as President and as a man -- was not to have met with Cindy Sheehan when she first attempted to get his attention in Crawford. He, or someone very close to him, should have seen that Ms Sheehan was no ordinary angry citizen. She meant business. And she was fueled by a righteous fury, a John Brown-level fury, one might say a Sacred Fury.

A deeper and more thoughtful Christian would have seen in her the mysterious relationship between Fury and Grace ... let alone heard her cry and not turned from her.

At that time Ms Sheehan was only a private citizen, albeit a most resourceful and single-minded one. She did not then have, as she has today, the money, power and skills of the Organized Hate America Left behind her.

Of course she would not have permitted from Bush the kiss she received from Hugo Chavez. But Bush might have touched her in some way that she could receive... were he a deeper and more thoughtful man. He might then have risen, in her eyes, to the level of a human being. But as things stand today, he is not even that to her.


In response to this, a Christian friend in Oakland writes:

"Yes, I agree that he does not have what it takes to unify our poor broken divided country. I pray that another Lincoln could emerge...and be able to speak to and listen to both sides."

The millionaire moisturized Leftist wants Jesus... while the Christian schoolteacher prays for another Lincoln.


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