NewerLabour: No Platform for Fascists

What does this post - NewerLabour: No Platform for Fascists - tell you about the SWP?

(For those of you lucky enough not to know, SWSS - usually pronounced swiz - stands for Socialist Worker Student Society, the studental arm of the British Socialist Workers Party, not to be confused with the American Socialist Workers Party, who they hate... And for those of you even luckier not to know, BNP stands for British National Party, a fascist (or as the SWP like to say "Nazi") party.)

For more background on the SWP's appeasement of Holocaust denier, see these earlier posts at NewerLabour: 1, 2, 3.

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Tom said…
Yeah. I feel kinda sorry for the AWL. their perspective is a much better thought out (as well as much more authentically marxist!)(not that I am, but hey, i like my philosophy. and my lefty gossip), but they have nothing like the presence of the SWP in the media or on the ground. one day their time will come, i suppose.

Oh well... neither Washington nor Moscow but Tehran!
TM said…
Not sure if you listen to radio 4's Any Questions, but last week Lord Tebbit, gave an amusing, and slightly worrying, rant on how Hitler was a 'left winger' and indeed how all trants in history have had 'far left' politics.

I was lucky enough to be laughing at him in the audience.

Slightly xx
bob said…
(re Slightly's comment on Tebbit)

What a star cast for Any Questions you caught! I was a bit worried when I agreed with a couple of things Tebbit said - I never thought I'd live to expereince that! But then I was reassured when he launched into his mad rant about Hitler being bad because he was left-wing.