Holland's Cassandra

FrontPage magazine.com :: Holland's Cassandra by Robert Spencer

I find this really interesting. Ayaan Hirsi Ali lied in order to get refeugee status - completely understandable, when you want to get the hell away from somewhere characterised by bloodshed and poverty and find a home in a nice, dare I say civilised country like the Netherlands. Who defends her now? Not the left, who endless march for the rights of refugees and illegal immigrants, but the right, who tend to want to keep em all out. Strange times we live in.

(Hat tip: Jogo)

P.S. Thanks to Daniel for correct weblink - the one on my links list needs updating. The picture above is from her site, a still from Theo van Gogh's film Submission.)


here her web log http://ayaanhirsiali.web-log.nl/ayaanhirsiali/english/index.html
Akaky said…
and all the things Cassandra said came to pass, even if the Trojan establishment wished she'd just shut up and let them live out their comfortable lives.

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