Bob's UK Local Elections 2006 Special Report 6 (Protest Voting/Bring back Andrew Brown)

1. Great piece by Daniel Davies on being a Labour voter who wants to make a protest vote. First, read this (written pre-election at CiF), then read this (election day diary at his site). Sentiments pretty close to my own.

2. Daniel Davies' fellow Camden resident (not Islington, as I said before), another Daniel, analyses the Muslim vote in the borough.

3. My protest vote didn't have any impact on local politics. Since the election, I've been thinking of a few good things that the Labour regime has done for Lewisham. Most of these have involved the environment - e.g. dealing well with abandoned vehicles, excellent recycling work. Environment was, of course, cllr Andrew Brown's portfolio, so sad to see him get voted out. Just read, at the blog of another now-ex-councillor, that Andrew's blog has been cited as a good example of Labour engagement with the 'Web 2.0'.

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4. Lots of (Labour) post-election stuff at Take Back the Voice.


Anonymous said…
Very kind of you Bob, I was lucky enough to work with some very able and committed officers who I'm sure will continue to make Lewisham a better place.

I was also lucky enough to have the political backing of the Mayor. Steve made sure we had the resources to tackle the sorts of issues you mention, and consequently made my role much simpler than some others in the Cabinet.

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