Iranian Jews wearing yellow?

via Tim Worstall: Britblog Roundup # 66:
"That story on Iranian Jews needing to wear yellow identifying marks? Untrue as Adloyada and Harry’s Place both report. I’m not normally a fan of the conspiracy theory (believing rather in the cock-up explanation of history) but Lenin’s Tomb has some further interesting questions. Yeah, yeah, I know, Lenin? WTF? But seriously, why on earth was such an outrageous story run?"

(Congrats to Daniel, by the way, for making the Tim Worstall grade - I can only dream of that.)

UPDATE: On the Iran dress code issue, more at Kos, Cole, & Obsolete. Worth noting that although the story isn't true, the truth is not nice: there is new legislation on women wearing 'un-Islamic' garb. Obsolete says:
'The law is meant to further restrict women's clothing, and what is regarded as "un-Islamic" dress. Already police have been ordered to crackdown on those who wear their headscarves with too much hair showing, or on men with "outlandish" hairstyles. Apparently dog-walking is also considered a no-no.' [emphasis added -B]


I am humbly honored! What I don't understand what is a guy with an Irish name (Martin Kelly) doing in Soctland bigging up racist anti immigration shit in the name of England? Some people are seriously messed up. Maybe he is one of those loyalist ex MODs informers that infiltrated the IRA and who is now hiding in the Scottish woodlands, going all bitter about his life and future?

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