Boycott, boycott, boycott

Here are yet more links on the various formal and proposed boycotts of Israel

  • The Stop the NUJ Boycott blog has been set up to co-ordinate the campaign against the official NUJ boycott.
  • Engage has all the latest on the NUJ boycott, including moves by ITN and BBC reporters to combat it.
  • Here's some blog comment from the excellent Bristol Blogger.
  • The Fair Play Campaign Group, set up by the Board of Deputies to combat boycott proposals, has initiated a campaign against a medical boycott, reports Something Jewish.
  • The Jewish Chronicle reports that key anti-Israel activists have been invited to a seminar with UCU leaders to formulate policy on Israel/Palestine. However, Jon Pike, who was also invited to the seminar, writes at Engage that the policy to be formulated is on developing positive, concrete solidarity with Israeli and Palestinian academics, not boycott. In other words, this is a fairly positive rather than negative development.
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Thanks to Arieh for some of the links.