Google and Intel kill Cornish town

Apparently, the Cornish town of Penryn is dissappearing from the (virtual) world due to the evil genius of Intel (see here). In solidarity, I urge you to join me in hyperlinking to it to coax it back to life. So here we are: Penryn (and Penryn).


carlos alcala said…
This is amusing. You might want to know that the Penryn chip is named for the town of Penryn in Placer County, near Sacramento, California. And, in turn, the town of Penryn is named, or misnamed, for Penrhyn in Wales, the home of its founder.
Carlos Alcala
Sacramento Bee (newspaper)
bob said…
Just checked this morning, and Penryn in Cornwall is now back at the top of a google search. Not that I want to claim credit...