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Just had a look at Daniel's recommendations from the BBC World Music Awards line-up. Here's a couple of them:
Ghada Shbeir
Lebanese female artist singing in Andaluz / Ladino tradition. She also wrote several books on this style. A must for all people of Andalusian traditional culture. Transcended borders and transcends borders. Yasmyn Levy and Ghada Shbeir should have a gig on the Lebanese/Israeli border. Half the orchestra and audience in Israel, the other in Lebanon.

Maurice El Medioni and Roberto Rodriguez
Link on BBC
A 79 year old grand pianist, who learned boogy woogy from American GI in the 2nd world war and who is Algerian Jewish living in Marsaille and always shared a passion for Cuban music, and an Afro Cuban Percussionist interested in Jewish music. Superb!
Bob adds: Read more about him at the wonderful Benn loxu de taccu (1 & 2). And there's an MP3 or two at the bottom of this post.

More links: SoundRoots on violence, hybrid musics and Yiddish brass; on the sound of a Mediterranean without borders; and on K'naan(all include mp3s).


Frank Partisan said…
I loved the BBC link, with the Cubana rift.

OT: See: Israeli Boycott.

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