More revisionist tosh about Bosnia from the usual suspects

Hocemo Li Na Kafu?: More revisionist tosh about Bosnia from the usual suspects
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Incognito said…
Just left this comment on HLNK's website. I've been seeing a lot of this going around some of the conservative blogs as well. In this case I totally disagree:

I did a lot of research about the War in Bosnia for a play I was performing in about Bosnian refugees about 6 years ago, and there is no doubt they were being massacred.

In my humble opinion "Islamo-nihilism" in the Balkans is firmly rooted in the inaction of the west, for so many years. I read letters from Bosnians who were praying for western intervention while they were being sniped to death etc. in Sarajevo by Serbs. The Muslims in that region, prior to the war, were cultural, rather than religious, and lived quite happily inter-marrying etc. Doing my research I met with some Bosnian refugees and you would never know they were Muslim.

Had the west intervened sooner, the mujahedin would never have needed to travel to Bosnia to fight for their Muslim bretheren, and it would have been far less likely that they would have been radicalised. So yes, it is the west's fault, but not for the reason O'Neil and so many others claim.
bob said…
Thanks Incognito - good points

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