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I did this this morning and got PG-13. Then I posted something with the words like "rape", "stocking" and "miniskirt" in it, so wondered if I'd gotten worse. Well, I have, but according to the site:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • bomb (9x)
  • kill (2x)
  • crack (1x)


Hmmph! Mine's rated G - General Audiences - all ages admitted. Perhaps I should have written:

"So Alan Johnston has been freed. Excellent, but Hamas and the “Army of Islam” earn no brownie points here.

"Now where the fuck is Gilad Shalit?"

In fact, I think I will in future. I mean, I don't want no fucking childebeest roaming around my site, do I? Heaven forfend!
DDKK said…
well mine got PG but only because I'd mentioned 'death'. I got away with buggery, it seems!
Incognito said…
How strange I was rated last week R for: rape and 2 other words.. like bomb or something.

So I tried again now and I rec'd an NC17 rating for:
Suicide (10X)
death (6x)
bomb (3X)
rape (2x)
gun (1X)
though I'm sure there are more than that mentioned.

IT's probably a U.S. site and they don't have 'buggery' in their dictionary.
Graeme said…
I checked my blog's rating a couple of times. I first got NC-17 because I had a post about abortion on there. Strange.

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