The Tower

On the BBC's documentary series, The Tower, set on the Pepys in Deptford:
(You can find my view, scattered in the comments to the above, so I won't post them here.)

Not about the Tower, but for any Deptfordians reading, the legendary Lol Coxhill and master Ghanian Drummer, Nana Tsiboe are playing at the McMillan Herb Garden on Sunday (29th) 5-7pm. (Close to the former site, incidentally, of Heather's.)


Jeremy Jacobs said…
You intrigue me. Why the Jewish obsession? and what's post-Zionism?

You're not another Will Self are you?
DDKK said…
Bob that sounds like a fascinating gig, where did you find out about it?
bob said…
Why the Jewish obsession? And what's opst-Zionism?

Two very big questions. Short answers: 1) I'm Jewish (stress on ish). 2) Post-Zionism is not pro- or anti-Zionism, but saying that times have changed and that's not where it is any more. I'm not sure if I've ever posted on it have I?

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