Drink-Soaked Trots

Three gems from the Popinjays:

1. By Peter:
Will sent me this. A good piece on yet another bunch of ‘leftists’. I am getting tired of the same old ‘anti-imperialist’ hogwash.
Let’s get this straight. Not only does this shit hurt Israelis, it hurts Palestinians. They are used as the objects of the anti-Semitic fantasies of people who don’t give a toss about them. Palestinians have always been cursed with awful leaders. The election of Hamas was a disaster - on a minority vote but still a disaster. Their lives are wrecked by the fascist coup in Gaza. Their minds are fucked by conspiracy theories and other shit. Yet still, what do the majority want? Yep, a democratic Palestinian State with close political and economic ties with Israel. It is called peace.
These tossers want the war to continue. They love it. They are nowhere near it. They don’t sweep up the body parts. They don’t weep for their mutilated relatives. They call themselves defenders of human rights but they are the rats carrying the bacillus of anti-Semitism to infect places that they will never visit and cause the deaths of people they will never meet. And oh how self-righteous it makes them. And to think that these people have the effrontery to call themselves a peace movement.
If you want peace don’t play games with others’ lives. It is the least the Palestinians that you claim to love so much deserve.
2. By Terry:
Dr. Sima Samar, the “voice of the voiceless” in Afghanistan: “It is about the protection of humanity. This is a human responsibility. It isn’t possible to escape this kind of responsibility.”
Compare that to the spoutings of Seamus Milne and you might get an inkling into why so many consider him an enemy of the people.
3. By Hak Mao:
Having previously proven himself completely incapable of grasping the simplest of scientific theories, the serial gobshite and religious nutter Galloway has again demonstrated that while he may be as cunning as a shithouse rat, he is not cut out for brain-work.[... READ THE REST OF THIS POST HERE.]

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Terry Glavin said…
Thanks, Bob.

Kind of you.