UCU Unity Network

This post is to endorse the new Unity Network in my trade uni0n, UCU. This is the Network's statement, and endorsements in the current UCU Executive elections.

UCU Unity Network

We represent a broad alliance of UCU members who are concerned that the union is under threat from divisive political tendencies. We recommend that you vote for candidates who will seek to ensure that the National Executive represents the views and interests of our membership.

The results of the recent survey of members reveal that their true interests are remarkably focused on a range of traditional union values. Three matters in particular far outweighed all others in importance: the support UCU provides where members are under threat; our campaigning for better salaries; and the value in principle of belonging to a trade union. Members do clearly want us to engage in relevant work on international affairs; but emphatically do not appreciate overemphasis on Israel-Palestine, and the waste of resources on boycott campaigns that are the worst kind of gesture politics.

We urge you strongly to use your vote. The poor turnout in last year’s elections for UCU (only about 15% of members voted) led to a seriously unrepresentative NEC. In addition, the domination of national Congress by the far left minority has distorted UCU’s priorities. Even if you are not active in the union, your vote undoubtedly counts – both for national executive, and locally, for delegates to Congress.

We recommend that you vote for those listed below:

Geographically-elected members of the NEC

Wales, higher education (1)
  • Andrew Morgan (University of Swansea)
North East, higher education (3)
  • Dr Joanna de Groot (University of York)
  • Mr Andrew Feeney (Northumbria University)
  • David Miller (University of Leeds)
  • Dr Gavin Read (University of Leeds
North East, further education (2)
  • Jon Bryan (Newcastle College)
  • MRS Julie Kelley (Hull College)
London and East, higher education (3)
  • Simon Renton (University College London)
  • Amanda Sackur (London Metropolitan University)
  • Jill Jones (University of Westminster)
London and East, further education (2)
  • Jim Thakoordin (Bedfordshire College)
  • David Armstrong (Barnet College)
UK-elected members of the NEC

HE (7)
  • Terry Hoad (University of Oxford)
  • Mr Dave Guppy (University College London)
  • Jon Pike (Open University)
  • Dr Steve Clark (Nottinghanm Trent University)
  • Stephen Soskin (Buckinghamshire New University)
  • Dr Lesley McIntosh (Robert Gordon University)
  • Pauline Collins (Open University)
  • Dr Gavin Reid (University of Leeds)
FE (2)
  • Jim Thakoordin (Bedfordshire ACE)
  • Mr John McCormack (Northumberland College)
Equality Seats

Disabled members (1)
  • Mr Roger Walters (Open University)
  • Mr John McCormack (Northumberland College)
Women members in HE (3)
  • Ms Pamela Beevers (Goldsmiths College)
  • Professor Mary Davis (London Metropolitan University)
  • Dr Renee Prendergast (Queens University Belfast)