Ethical cocaine

Flesh is Glass writes:
One reason I don’t do drugs is because I don’t want to fund pimps, assassins and people traffickers. But now we have one less drug to worry about in that respect.
The link is to HP:
Chomsky-reading, bien pensant 'progressive' gak heads used to face a terrible dilemma. What is the point of buying fair trade bananas and attending Mark Steel gigs in support of Castro, if you then spend Friday nights buzzing your tits off on Colombia's finest: funding the evil 'capitalist' gangsters who - probably in association with the CIA - have utterly corrupted South and Central America?
Well, worry no more.
From now on, you can buy Ethical Cocaine.
Read John Carlin's piece in today's Observer, and discover how FARC and Chavez are working to make cocaine politically acceptable again.
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Will said…
Why have HP Sauce Vermin put the word capitalist in the quoted piece inside quote marks?
eg. - "evil 'capitalist' gangsters"

Is it an attempt to distance gangsters and gangsterism from capitalists and capitalism? Wonder why you would need to do that?