Brockley Jack Film Club: Night of the Hunter

Bob's correspondent at the Brockley Jack Film Club writes:
Last week's showing of Little Miss Sunshine by the Brockley Jack Film Club had the audience leaving with a smile on their faces. The next screening offers a chance to see the classic Night of the Hunter. If you've never seen this film it has to be one of the 'must sees ' on any film lover's list. I am looking forward to seeing it for the third time.

There is still an opportunity to join the membership scheme which offers a 50% discount on ticket prices and a chance to have an influence on what films are shown. Don't miss out on being part of this great local experience.
Bob adds: I will be writing more on Night of the Hunter in the coming weeks.
P.S. I just realised that I should have posted this the night before last, which was actually the night of the hunter - the Autumn equinox.

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kellie said…
I look forward to your thoughts on it. Night of the Hunter is the most beautiful film on murder that I can remember.