Hebrew hip hop/Sephardic indie rock

Asher Roth at Passion of the Weiss:
What have you done for me, Asher Roth? Other than lifelessly mimic Eminem’s flow circa '99 and further entrench my belief that other than Edan, the Jewish people will never produce a great rapper.
and Blood of Abraham:

While we’re on the topic of Hebrew rappers….

But really, Blood of Abraham, not all that bad, and certainly far better than a bunch of Valley Jewish kids had a right to be. Plus, getting put on by Eazy at Ruthless is infinitely cooler than having DJ Drama co-sign you. Or the “thinking man’s DJ Khaled” as he is also known.

Listen: "Niggaz & Jewz (Some Say Kikes)”

Brad Frenette on DeLeon:
Fifteenth-century Spain is not a place most American indie bands look to for inspiration, but that’s exactly where the New York-based band DeLeon went digging on their self-titled debut album. The band, founded and fronted by Dan Saks, takes pre-Inquistion Sephardic Jewish folk songs and recasts them as indie rock compositions.
Watch: "La Serena"

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