Little Miss Sunshine/DeVotchKa/Lee Hazlewood

As promised, following yesterday's post about Little Miss Sunshine, being screened on Sunday by the Brockley Jack Film Club, here are three songs.

>mp3: Devotchka La Llorona 5 MB
>mp3: DeVotcchka How It Ends 8 MB

These two tracks by DeVotchKa are from the soundtrack of the film. "How it Ends" is a thing of shimmering beauty. "La Llorona" is my favourite DeVotchKa song, a kind of mariachi/spaghetti western epic, not a million miles from Calexico. DeVotchKa broadly fit into the "Balkan" genre of music I have mentioned a few times on this blog - e.g. A Hawk and a Hacksaw. Like much of that genre, DeVotchKa are often a little too exuberant and punky for me at the age I am now, but on these songs, and on the rest of the soundtrack, they are in more restrained mode, which suits me.

Buy the soundstrack from Amazon. DeVotchKa official site, at, MySpace, wikipedia.

> mp3: Lee Hazlewood Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain) 4 MB

Lee Hazlewood died a year ago, and I never managed to write a tribute to that great man. He is best known for his work with Nancy Sinatra - notably "These Boots are Made for Walking". "Little Mis Sunshine", a lovely song, is from his wonderful 1970 album Requiem for an Almost Lady. Why isn't Lee Hazlewood as big as Cat Stevens or Neil Diamond?

Buy album on Amazon.

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Frank Partisan said…
Sunshine played in the US, about two years ago.

Lee Hazlewood had an up and down career, and is definitely underrated.