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On Press TV.

Version 1: more or less true
Press TV promoted coverage of Holocaust Denial, hosting a work from the disgraced former honorary research fellow [12] at University College London, Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom.
Dr. Kollerstrom had been shown to have authored articles on web-resource [13], Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) [14]. He has also featured on a BBC documentary in which he elucidates his belief that the 7 July 2005 London bombings were conducted by British and American and Israeli security services [15].
Subsequently, Press TV commissioned him to write an essay to which Press TV staff added the preface: “the West punishes people for their scientific research on Holocaust but the same western countries allow insults to prophets and religious beliefs” [16] [17]. In the UK disagreement with and ridicule of religious beliefs is not prohibited. Dr. Kollerstrom has not been punished by the state for his articles advocating Holocaust Denial.
Dr. Kollerstrom is acquainted with Michele Renouf, a British-based Australian fascist and International Third Position sympathiser, who promotes Holocaust denial [18]. She is featured regularly on Press TV and also claims to have been instrumental to getting Dr. Kollerstrom hired by the station [19].
Version 2: completely true, but not the whole truth
The Jerusalem Post[10], the anti-fascist campaign Searchlight[11] and others[12][13] have attacked Press TV for publishing, on its official website, an article by Nicholas Kollerstrom[14], an academic whose honorary fellowship was withdrawn by University College London following his promulgation of Holocaust denial [15]. Press TV has also broadcast programmes featuring the prominent Holocaust Denier, Michele Renouf [16].
Canadian weekly Macleans has alleged that Press TV sometimes publishes so-called "intentional errors", citing a story on the Press TV website which claims that the Lebanese government is trying to convert the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp into an American military base. Macleans says that most of Press TV's news reports are factually accurate.[17]

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