New Orleans in South London

About a decade ago I read Jools Holland in interview saying that South London is Britain's Mississippi Delta. Before the Thames Barrier was built, the Thames would regularly break its Southern bank. The land between the Thames and the old Watling Street (now the A2) would regularly be underwater: South of the Watling Street, on the hillsides, are where the Victorian boureoisie would settle, now a series of re-gentrified "conservation areas"; North of the Watling Street were the riverine riff-raff. Jools Holland was actually born on the dry side, in Blackheath, but I think he's right that there's something about the precarious living that characterised both Deptford and the land between the Peabody Hotel and the end of Catfish Row, something that drives a special sort of creativity.

At any rate, tomorrow and Saturday, the O2 on the North Greenwich Penninsular is hosting a free New Orleans festival. I've never been to the O2 (and only once to its predecessor, the Dome: to attend the worst of all of Ken Livingstone's [I nearly wrote "the late Ken Livingstone's"] "Respect" festivals, a bad experience as the burly entrance guards confiscated all of my booze on entry); it always seemed like too "corporate" a venue for someone as cool as me.

But check out the line-up: Dr John, Allen Toussaint, Buckwheat Zydeco, Rebirth Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins, Marcia Ball - some of the best musicians of our age.

Listen: Dr John at Star Maker Machine. Allen Toussaint at Scott Ford Radio, at Roll & Grady, at The Leather Canary.

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UPDATE: History is Made at Night on Mardi Gras


bob said…
"the best musicians of our age" - what a pretentious phrase.

Anyway, I went on Friday, saw Rebirth Brass Band and a cajun band; it was quite nice. Went back on Saturday, saw Rebirth Brass Band again, and some Mardi Gras Indians, and found the whole O2 experience a little hellish. I won't be going back in a hurry.
bob said…
Jogo sent me this, which I recommend:

Here's the great Thomas A. Dorsey, one of the greatest American geniuses of all time.
Himself talking about serious things.