The US presidential elections are getting closer and closer

IDF generals for Obama. Bluegrass legends for Obama. Second generation goyishe arch-conservatives for Obama. The Dude for Obama, offers McCain ovaltine. People who care about Darfur against Palin. Joe the Plumber for Obama. Alaskan animals against Palin. Unconscious xenophobes against Obama. Pentecostal firebrands for Palin. Clean-cut gay men for McCain. McCain supporters for sane debate. One McCain supporter still in touch with reality. Nutcases for Obama. Snobs against Palin. Roland's still undecided. (And he's not alone.)

More added Friday. Last updated 16:24 Brockley time:
Nice agnostic billionaires for Obama. Left-wing neo-cons for Obama. Vanquishers of Holocaust deniers for Obama.

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Anonymous said…
The problem with this post - as with so much comment on this election - is that it tells us who wants Obama or mcCain to win, but ignores the relative strengths of the candidates. Who cares who supports each of them, and who they are guilty by association with? All this Josiah Wright, Ed Kalnins, Bill Ayers, Alice Walker, John Hagee stuff is a distraction.

I hate bluegrass and am not a big fan of the IDF - does that mean I should vote McCain?
Anonymous said…
It's far more than guilt by association. An individual's (and family's) choice of a pastor speaks to their morals, their notion of right and wrong, etc.
Anonymous said…
Either way the US gets Shamnesty and Carbon Cap and Trade.

McCain isnt my choice, either.

Im voting for Bob Barr.
E.D. Kain said…
Bob, great list. I will have to go link by link. Oliver Kamm's essay, like Christopher Hitchens is spot-on.

Thanks, also, for the mention. I do wonder sometimes if I am indeed in touch with reality--but then again, reality can be such an elusive companion...

All the best!