Antisemitism watch

In Rome, the Pope welcomes ultra-conservative Catholics back into the fold, including British Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, who last week told Swedish TV “There were no gas chambers.” Peter Risdon (profiled here) usefully draws out the continuities between today's British elite antisemitism and that of Orwell's day. Red Star Commando tracks the lumpen-ization of this elite antisemitism (and argues for a no-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict). Peter Ryley, in a series that could potentially become endless, keeps an eye on the false Holocaust/Gaza analogy (also known as the Holocaust/Gazza analogy). Norm responds to Anne Karpf's use of the analogy, in the context of the Jewish resistance story related in Defiance. Robert Fisk, to my surprise and to his credit, rejects the analogy.

[Some hat tops to the Sots]

Bonus link: Joseph K analyzes the left's politics of ressentiment. [H/t: Anti-German]
Bonus link 2: BBC radio hosts have to think quick
Bonus link 3: Howard Jacobson on the Israel Must Lose letter


SnoopyTheGoon said…
If you ask me, Fisk is just jealous for not being there first ;-)

Nah, just joking - the old coot is simply not being himself since the beating.
Anonymous said…
Bob, that's the second time you have used the word "lumpen" in a derogatory way in about as many weeks. What is this? An atavistic return to ortho-Marxism? Or your own version of middle class ressentiment? ;)

- Ali
maps said…
It was Riodney Hilton who invented the useful term 'lumpen intelligentsia', which EP Thompson took up with relish in The Poverty of Theory, as he excoriated some of Britain's more-Marxist-than-Marx Althusserians!

Thanks for that news about the Pope's dreadful decision over Williamson - a decision which some right-wing Kiwi Catholics are defending, at the same time as they concoct charges of anti-semitism against our most seasoned anti-racist activist (John Minto is famous for spearheading the anti-apartheid movement here back in the '80s):
bob said…
Good point Ali. I'll get back to you on that one, after reading Maps' post. Odd tie-up with my post on Siegman from yesterday, as Rodney Hilton served in the British army in Palestine at the time I was talking about there...

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