Gnome Chomsky 2: The biggest gnome in the world

Before Christmas, I posted something about the Garden Noam, author of The Manufacture of Compost and Hedgerows not Hegemony. Turns out there's a whole genre. I'll post one once a month until I run out.

From The Little Rebellion:
Just Say ‘Gnome’ to Factory Farms
By James Leggate

Photo by James Petrich

Hidden away on Kelder’s Farm in the small town of Kerhonkson stands Chomsky, a 13-foot-6-inch garden gnome.

Chomsky was originally built by artist Maria Reidelbach and kept at a miniature golf course in lower Manhattan but was moved to Kelder’s Farm after the course was closed, where a new 10 hole course was built.

Chomsky was certified by the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the world’s largest garden gnome in 2007. While this is certainly impressive, it’s not all Kelder’s Farm has to offer.[...]

Come back in February for the next installment!


lifeshighway said…
Wow, and I thought I was a gnome watcher and somehow I missed this one.
ModernityBlog said…
You obviously can't get enough chomsky or gnomes?