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Chomsky watch
Jim Denham has a great post on Chomsky, Malcolm Caldwell and Cambodia, and Mike Ezra has another, which address some of the issues we raised here and here. Watch this space. Oh, and I see from Andy it's also covered at AaronovitchWatch, with another interesting comment thread.

Apologists, appeasers, revisionists
Louis P on Iran regime apologists: MRZine drunk on its own rotgut ideology.
Martin in the Margins on Iraq regime appeasers: The mental deformations of appeasement (riffing on Nick Cohen).
Aram Mattioli on Italy's Mussolini revisionists.

The Hitch
Michael J Totten interviews Christopher Hitchens - part I and II.

Anti-fascist histories and futures

Slack Andy commemorates the big strike of 1956. (Read this if you don't get it.)
Tony Greenstein remembers anti-fascist foot soldier Dave Hann.
Martin recovers his East End roots, and hopes that his ancestral lands do not fall to the extremist demagogues.

Bob's Beats
The Amazing Rhythm Aces - a blast from my past.
A new book about John Zorn. (H/t Jogo) And from Zorn's Tzadik label, here's Keiji Haino & Yoshida Tatsuya.

Zionism, anti-Zionism and anti-anti-Zionism
Tony Judt and the Velvet Genocide - on the ortho-Marxist roots of anti-Zionism (with my comments in the comment box). In an unexpected place, Alex Brummer applauds Judt for opening the debate.
Workers Liberty on Why Left Wing Students Should Not Support Boycotts of Israel.
Two from Engage: David Hirsh’s talk at UCU and David Hirsh’s response to the film ‘Defamation’

Comment trail
On the material basis for antisemitism today at Adam Holland's place.

David Cameron
and Boris Johnson
A great series of Tory ads from Beau Bo D'Or:

david cameron, snow, gritting

boris poster 1

boris johnson poster 2

Conservatives Drugs don't work

david cameron tory poster

There's lots more. Or try this one from Jacob:



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